Help us strengthen our signal!

We are upgrading! We are replacing our transmitter. This little 60-lb box is the heart of our FM signal. This is a large cost and one that will keep future programmers on air. Can you pitch in?

This is all part of our mission at Valley Free Radio to keep our signal strong. We take twice a year to undertake a bigger project at our station. Community radio and authentic free speech require regular revamps and ongoing fine tuning. Another layer to clean audio, one step at a time.

Can you help?

photo credit: Jacklyn Lipscomb
photo Jacklyn Lipscomb

Looking for another way to contribute? Think about underwriting! Your business or event gets repeated on air mentions. Check that out here!

3 Ways to Donate

Programmers and listeners make up Valley Free Radio! Our radio waves are your voices. Because we are free from commercial interest, your donation keeps us running! Your donations pay the bills and help us grow our studios and independent radio. We can’t do it without you!

1) Subscription – a little every month

It’s like buying a cup of coffee for a friend! No need to break the bank. A little every month is easier on your wallet. Choose $5, $10, or $20 increments.

A little every month

2) One-time Donation

You choose the amount. $20 is great. $100 is awesome. Even $2 is appreciated!

By mail, you can donate by check or money order made out to “Valley Free Radio”

Valley Free Radio
140 Pine Street Suite B-9
Florence, MA 01062

3) The WishList

Gifts are amazing too! We need cables, turntables, and all kinds of snazzy equipment

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