conversion therapy

conversion therapy with DJ tanner is an eclectic, freeform mix showcasing LGBTQIA+ musicians, poets, and lyricists from around the globe and here in our own backyard –  Tune in Sundays from 7-9pm on Valley Free Radio and let them convert you!

DJ tanner just showed up at VFR one day, fresh from a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, here to take your ears on a magical journey filled with unicorns, rainbows, and some really good music. Playing an eclectic mix of music (and more!) created by members of the LGBTQIA+ community both near and far, DJ tanner curates a theme-based collection of super cool stuff for your enjoyment every week. Tune in on Sundays at 7-pm, and let them convert you!


The Town Crier

with Ed Malachowski

The Town Crier is a music-based show which aims to inform as well as entertain. I will let listeners know about the upcoming week’s arts and entertainment events. Expect conversations with these event’s planners and organizers such as venue owners,farmers, brewers, art galleries and restaurants.You can stay up to date and listen to a variety of great music too.


Host Kevin Boucher talks with the rock and roll artists and eyewitnesses to the music and moments that have helped shape our lives. A combination of interviews and music, special guests will share their first-hand accounts and shine new light on the artists, albums, venues or trends that defined the spirit of rock and roll culture.

Open Field

New and old ~ all genre and non genre ~  music from around town and across the world. Also occasional live sets.

Trash Talks

Rock and Roll show with a focus on Punk.

Old to new, local to global.


What does Everywhere music sound like? Each week the Collider Radio Hour takes listeners everywhere, on a journey across cultures, genres, and continents to discover new sounds and ideas from around the planet. It’s an hour of music for the open-minded, adventurous global citizen.

Hilltown Family Variety Show

Music the whole family will enjoy, hosted by mother/daughter duo, Sienna & Persephone. For playlist and podcast go to our website.





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I Heart JRock

I Heart JRock with DJ Sakura is a loud noisy ride into the world of Japanese rock music! I will try to play the newest from all jrock/vk bands from japan. I will make announcements of up coming jrock bands playing the US, discuss anime conventions, I am hoping to get some interviews with bands as well.

Please visit my twitter @djsakura666 for jrock fangirlness.



past show:

Kickin’ It Worldwide

with host Rick Haggerty

You’ll hear the newest and coolest music, as a daring path of musical discovery awaits you here, along with interesting commentary, social justice news, Prison Radio commentaries, Yale Climate Connections podcasts, SGI Buddhist quotes, and so much more! 

Past live music and interview shows of “Kickin’ It Worldwide” are available on my YouTube channel and




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