Arts Electronica


Arts Electronica went live every Saturday at midnight to 2 am Sunday morning.

The show was dedicated to Downtempo, Electronic and House music but also Techno, and Trance with a good hint of Progressive and Deep House, Dubstep and Experimental and Minimal.

We love all the music wizards here that bring to life their sound spaces, soundscapes and sound sculptures.

As transmitters we intend to bring them closer to you!

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Twitter: #artselectronica

FB: arts_electronica


Past shows:


with the Viking Woman —

Features EDM, Gothic, Industrial, dark electro, synth pop, and minimum wave. Requests and submissions for the event calendar/playlist can be sent to

Drum and Bass

with DJ Pfeif —

DJ Pfeif mixes songs from the drum & bass genre (fast electronic dance music) using turntable decks and a mixer. Shows vary by theme, special features, new releases, or news events in the industry. It’s a constant sound as the songs are mixed and blended together to ensure no lulls and tons of high energy!





Previous Shows:

Press Start to Continue

Press Start is two hours full of video game remixes, nerdcore, and other geek oriented music. Want to hear a sweet remix from your favorite game? Do you have an artist you’d like me to play? Most importantly – do YOU produce geek music? We take requests, comments, and especially links to new tunes at

Go to to see every show’s playlist and listen to past episodes, like for random game news and links, and follow @PressStartVFR on twitter for updates on the show. If you use iTunes click here and subscribe!

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