The Word with Levi Armstrong

The Word with Levi Armstrong was a youth-oriented, locally-based talk show that aired on Sunday from 6-7pm.

Listen for interviews with people who are experts in their respective fields. If Northampton just passed a big deal bill, you may hear one of the City Councilors at-large onto the show. If something big happened in congress, Rep. McGovern might come in to talk. It will also feature light conversations with Levi’s friends, some stand-up comedy and music.

Haunted Hampshires

Haunted Hampshires explores folklore, hauntings, spooky and any unusual history of New England and the northeast coast.
It highlights some of the unique folklore history of Massachusetts and other northeastern & coastal states.

Tibetan Healing

Tibetan Healing with your host Menpa Phuntson

We explore ancient Tibetan wisdom through a modern lens.  We are dedicated to bringing you Tibetan culture, medicine, the arts and music and much more.


Sports .. Plus w/ Big D, Baker, and Joe

Joe Capraro, Darryl Clark and Matt Baker engage in lively discussions of a wide variety of issues and include guest interviews.

( formerly known as:  The Sports Show .. Plus  w/ Big D, Baker, and Joe )

Civil Politics

Discussion of local and national politics and current events from across the ideological spectrum, minus the bombast. With Michael Dow and Sue Timberlake.

You can join our conversation by emailing us at and following us on Facebook and Twitter, where you will find references to what we are talking about as the conversation progresses and other information throughout the week. You can also visit to listen to our past shows and find links to subscribe to our podcast.

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Evidence Based Radio

Evidence Based topics will include science news and information, skepticism & debunking, and topics related to atheism and the separation of church and state. I hope to share stories that are timely and thought provoking as well as introduce the listener to lesser known historical figures of science, technology, and freethought/atheism.

In the words of Matt Dillahunty: “I wish to believe as many true things and as few false things as possible.” Hopefully I can share some true things and debunk some false things as I go along.



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