Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork was a radio program dedicated to the history and progression of the food system within the Pioneer Valley. The program tackles the complexity of food within different production schemes and consumer markets. Much of the focus is on the Pioneer Valley but we will often venture beyond its borders to ask how our food system is impacted by external factors. Every show will offer critical analysis and insight into the food system, in-depth interviews, calendar updates on food and food related events, and of course music related to or inspired by food.


Occupy the Airwaves

The Occupy the Airwaves Show rode the great wave of the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 when local radio activists united to cover the growing movement here and around the country. In that time we have brought to the airwaves many activists, teachers, historians, writers, musicians and artists who believe these times are critical and the world needs a course correction in a people oriented direction (i.e. a progressive/left/liberationist direction).

This movement needed to represent and publicize itself because it surely was not going to be covered well and properly by the Mainstream Media. And this movement needed to have a space for debate, dialogue and progression. In the intervening years, we have worked to unite in studio the various threads of the broad social movements, by pairing up guests who may not have worked together before. Black Lives Matter with the Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives, or anti-nuclear activists with Springfield No One Leaves. Out of these encounters have been greater collaboration and unity.

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Out There


with Ruthy Woodring                        

Who is my neighbor? “Out There” is a weekly show bringing you stories from the streets and paths of Northampton. If you can’t get out, tune in.

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Twilite’s Poetry Pub

Host Tommy Twilite searches near and far for interesting poetry and music. The “Pub” also features news and announcements of local poetry readings and events, as well as special guest poets and interviews. Tommy lends his voice to in-studio readings of poems both famous and obscure, as he strives to bring forth poetry that expresses the human condition in all it’s diversity. Pretty much anything is fair game, from serious poems by political prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to silly poems about pumpkins for Halloween to academic work to street and performance pieces. The “Pub” tries in a special way to give voice to those underrepresented by the poetic mainstream, such as teen mom poets from the Care Center in Holyoke, or local authors, who may be elderly, or disabled, or just regular everyday folks who happen to write poetry. So join us on our journey, as we continue to explore the wonder of the spoken word.

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Conversations with artists, educators, entrepreneurs, and change makers in the pioneer valley.

Exploring the topics and issues with openness, curiosity, and spontaneity this live one-hour weekly program hosted by Chris Fournier focuses on highlighting diverse voices of the valley whose contributions improve the quality of life in our area.