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Valley Tango Connect

with Ms. Maidana —

Argentine Tango music is considered poetry and primarily the music of the emigrant. During the turn of the century emigrants flocked to Argentina and Uruguay from Europe looking for a better life. The seeds of Tango were already in place but all of the converging cultures brought something to the mix. Much of the music is of lonely men missing there family’s and homeland. In this country Authentic Tango music has been hard to find so Ms. Maidana has brought all of her years of experience as a Tango instructor and her understanding of the music to the station. On Wednesday’s from 11 to 1:PM you will hear a variety of authentic tango music done by the tango greats like Osvaldo Pugliese and Carlos Di Sarli. You will hear music that is still being danced to in the milonga’s of the world.


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The Warm Heart of Africa

The funky, sinuous rhythms of Afrobeat. The pulse of Algerian rai. Township jive from Johannesburg. The desert trance of Tuareg blues. Catchy soukous beats from the Congo. These are just a few examples from the cornucopia of modern popular music in Africa, one of the world’s most fertile musical hotspots today. And don’t forget Haitian compas, Brazilian tropicalia, Cuban rumba, and good old-fashioned R&B – music around the world with its roots in the African homelands.

Here on The Warm Heart of Africa, we aim to to educate, entertain, and spread awareness of African and diaspora culture, politics, and tradition through music, history and timeless grooves. Join DJ Vinyl Scratch from 7 to 9 PM every Wednesday on WHOA as we take a journey across the continent and across the globe, feasting our ears on the voices, the sounds, and the stories of worldwide superstars and obscure musicians alike.