Mission Statement & Guiding Vision

Valley Free Radio is a non-profit, community-based and volunteer-run radio station for the Greater Northampton area.

We seek to educate, inspire, and entertain through programming that reflects the diversity of the local community. We seek to provide a space for media access and education, placing equipment, skills, and critical tools in the hands of the community. We aim to serve with particular regard for those overlooked or under-represented by other media and to provide for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and music.

Valley Free Radio returns the airwaves to the public, providing an alternative to commercial radio.

VFR is a welcoming space that encourages social relationships by fostering dialogue and building knowledge and understanding between and within different ethnic, racial, class, linguistic, and other groups that deserve a voice.

Beyond broadcasting, we engage in a wide variety of cultural, educational, and social activities as well as local collaborations which makes our presence an integral part of our neighborhood.

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