Board of Directors

photo credit Bill Madden
photo Bill Madden

The Valley Free Radio Board of Directors serves as the station’s governing body and consists of no fewer than five, and no more than nine members.

The Board of Directors:

  • is accountable to members, defines objectives, policies and goals within the constraints of mission and guiding principles.
  • has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the projects/members assets.
  • ensures a meaningful linkage to the membership, provides vision, and ensures a clear statement of mission.
  • plans for the future by determining the value and commitment of resources and assessing the consequences and limits of the project’s finances and vision.
  • approves budget and financial policies.
  • determines structure, responsibility, behavior, and performance evaluation of the Board.
  • is a resource for members and represents the station in the community.

The board consists of four officers: two co-chairs, a clerk, and a treasurer.

Current Board Members

  • Caroline Ruderman (Co-Chair)
  • Betsy Cortis (Co-Chair)
  • Stefan Ward-Wheten (Treasurer)
  • Ed Malachowski
  • Mark A. Bové
  • Denise Page
  • Dan Torres

Board Meetings + Minutes 

The Board of Directors keeps chronological records of important information, which are called “minutes.” View Board Minutes Here

The VFR board meets on the first Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. and generally runs for approximately two hours. We are currently meeting via Zoom. These meetings are public; VFR programmers and community members are welcome to attend. 

Interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

Contact for more information.