Programmer Contract

Valley Free Radio Programmer/DJ/Show Host Agreement

I, the undersigned, agree:

1] To perform in a professional manner at all times when representing Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP. This includes my behavior on-air, on the telephone, and when interacting with the public as a representative of the station.

2] I will read and carry out all policies relative to programmers or hosts. These policies include, but not limited to, the following:

  • participate in all on-air pledge drives
  • fill out the program log sheets, including:
    1. Station ID
    2. PSAs
    3. Show Promos
  • have a back-up show that is less than a year old on file
  • notify the programming committee or a board member 24 hours in advance if there is no backup show and no replacement can be found
  • adhere to the FCC obscenity and indecency policies
  • follow all the mandates of the mission statement, programming, racism, hate speech, and other enacted policies of the organization
  • not engage in drinking, smoking, or illegal drugs in the station
  • not go on the air under the influence of said substances
  • safeguard the resources of WXOJ-LP, and not remove without permission any of those resources, including equipment and music.
  • arrive to do my show on time, and not exceed the allotted hour(s) of my show.
  • not broadcasting outside of my allotted time slot without prior permission from the Programming Committee, even if there is nothing scheduled during that period

3] I agree to stay in regular contact with the station, reading and responding to station email sent to the address I have provided in a timely manner, and reading the VFR Announcements list for current station information and other requirements designated by decision of the organization.

4] I agree and understand that I am responsible for the actions of all guests I invite to WXOJ-LP.

5] I agree to give at least two weeks’ notice to fellow members, the programming committee, and the listening public if I need to terminate my show.

6] I have notified the board, or will notify the board if a new situation arises, of any criminal charges or convictions that could impact the safety of children or underage programmers at the stations.

7] I will treat all equipment in the station with care, and I will not make unauthorized changes, adjustments, or repairs. I will log all equipment problems or report them to the board of directors if it is a pressing concern.

8] I understand that VFR is a volunteer run station, and agree to the following time or monetary requirements. This is in addition to the yearly $30 in dues that is expected every June:

Throughout the year, programmers will be required to pay to play or volunteer their time according to the following schedule. Please be aware that these all apply per SHOW, not per PROGRAMMER. If you have a show that has multiple programmers, the fees/work hours/underwriting requirements DO NOT CHANGE:

A monthly fee of $30/month payable online through PayPal or check/money order. Programmers who sign up for automatic deductions via our PayPal system will pay a discounted fee of $20/month. If you are already paying a lower rate, that will not change. These pay to play rates are for those signing up this year.


Volunteering your time in the form of volunteer work for the station. These duties would be assigned by the head of the Programming Committee. Programmers would report to the appropriate department head or directly to the board.


Recruiting an underwriter – for every month they are signed up, your show will be paid for (with approval by the board).Please be aware that these all apply per SHOW, not per PROGRAMMER. If you have a show that has multiple programmers, the fees/work hours/underwriting requirements DO NOT CHANGE:

I understand that my failure to adhere to this agreement could result in the suspension or termination of my membership from WXOJ-LP.



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