Programmer Resources

For New and Current Programmers

Programmer Dave Keating, Soul Patrol

Keeping Current

Monthly Pay-to-Play Signup

This is the “opt out” for monthly volunteer hours. $20/month via PayPal.

Yearly Re-application Form

Simple form to keep current. Re-signing usually done during summer months.

Yearly Membership Fee

Everyone contributes $30 per year for studio access and signal maintenance.

Starter Pack

New Program Proposal

Read about the process and submit your idea!

New Show Checklist

Step by step to get on air!

VFR Training Manual

Going through the basics

Programmer Contract

Agreement between station and programmers.

Underage Permission

All minors (under 18) must have parent or guardian sign agreement

Station Policies

Please read!

General Station Info

VFR Bylaws

How we operate

Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors: who we are and what we do