Welcome to Valley Free Radio’s 2020 Program Proposal Form! This is your first step to getting on the air and being a part of a growing community of independent voices in the media.

Before filling out this form, take some time and really think about the concept of your show. Are you doing a talk show or a music show? Will you take phone calls from listeners? Will you want guests to come on your show? What sources will you draw on for content? Do you have a particular desired audience (beyond our regular listenership)? Thinking about all of this will help you put on the best show you can.

When you have submitted your proposal, the Programming Committee will review it, keeping in mind what shows we already have and what will work best in our schedule. If your proposal is approved, you will be invited to a training session. This is the most basic training on the equipment and station operations. You will need to sign a contract stating you will follow FCC guidelines and station rules. You’ll learn about the rest of the steps to getting on the air and given information on how to do that.

We look forward to working with you and helping you start your own radio show! Make sure you scroll all the way down and hit the submit button.

Trainings are held at the beginning of each month. We accept proposals up to the 15th of the month for the next month’s training to allow us time to review proposals.
If you submit a proposal by the 15th, you’ll be considered for the training for the next month. If you submit a proposal after the 15th, it will be the month after the next one.
For example:
Submit your proposal by Jan 15th your training will be in February
Submit your proposal after Jan 15th, your training will be in March.