New Program Proposal

Take the first step to getting on air! 

photo credit: Caroline Ruderman
Caroline Ruderman, Energy Matters

There are several steps to along the way to having your own show. The process takes time! The trainings and board meetings occur only once per month, and you must attend both. To get an overview of the process, read the article below.

Right now, we are looking to grow these shows:

LGBTQ+, Latin culture and music, youth audience, jazz, hip hop, world, and reggae. We are open to all applications, but the abovementioned are extra great.

Step 1. Before filling out this form, take some time and really think about the concept of your show.

  • Are you doing a talk show or a music show?
  • Will you want guests to come on your show?
  • What sources will you draw on for content?
  • Do you have a particular desired audience (beyond our regular listenership)?
  • Relying on callers can be difficult for content creation. What other ways can you build content?

Step 2. Fill out the New Program Proposal below. Make sure you scroll all the way down and hit the submit button.

Step 3. When you have submitted your proposal, the Programming Committee will review it, keeping in mind what shows we already have and what will work best in our schedule. If your proposal is approved, you will be invited to a training session. If declined, adapt your idea and re-submit your proposal based on the recommendations. It’s normal for new programmers to adapt their idea!

Step 4. Attend the training session. Training for new shows is held once per month. This is the basic training on the equipment and station operations. You will need to sign a contract stating you will follow FCC guidelines and station rules. The training is $30, as one-time fee, and goes directly to running the station. The information given to new programmers is also on the Programmer Resources page. 

Step 5. Observe another live show. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, and see how other programmers do their thing. Some people spin vinyl. Others do live interviews. Everyone works differently and has their own work flow. 

Step 6. Attend the monthly board meeting. Learn about how VFR operates month to month. Get your door code and your time slot in the schedule! 

Step 7. The fees are minimal, and all money goes toward station operation. We are 100% volunteer-based organization. There are NO paid employees. All fees go straight to daily operations. The fee schedule is listed below:

  • One-time — $30 training (one time, new programmers)
  • Annual — $30 annual fee (all programmers, usually around fall fund drive)
  • Monthly — Our “Pay-to-play” option is $20/monthly (via PayPal) or $30/monthly (by check or cash).
  • There are 2 alternates to monthly rates: OPT OUT (1) 4 volunteer hours (per month, per show); OPT OUT (2) underwriting for your show.

Step 8. Now, you’re done! You can do a live show (even in the middle of the night!) OR pre-record to have your program air during your assigned time slot.

We look forward to working with you and helping you start your own radio show!