The Town Crier

with Ed Malachowski

The Town Crier is a music-based show which aims to inform as well as entertain. I will let listeners know about the upcoming week’s arts and entertainment events. Expect conversations with these event’s planners and organizers such as venue owners,farmers, brewers, art galleries and restaurants.You can stay up to date and listen to a variety of great music too.

Hot Paradox

Once-weekly aural transmission. Ambient, pop, etc


Host Kevin Boucher talks with the rock and roll artists and eyewitnesses to the music and moments that have helped shape our lives. A combination of interviews and music, special guests will share their first-hand accounts and shine new light on the artists, albums, venues or trends that defined the spirit of rock and roll culture.

Radio Liquidator

Radio Liquidator is a weekly collection of floor shakers, heart breakers, dubbed gazers, and love makers. A weekly handpicked collection of mod anthems, northern soul, rocksteady/ska, and dub. If it’s got a groove, it’s on Radio Liquidator.

The Word with Levi Armstrong

The Word with Levi Armstrong is a youth-oriented, locally-based talk show. Listen for interviews with people who are experts in their respective fields. If Northampton just passed a big deal bill, you may hear one of the City Councilors at-large onto the show. If something big happened in congress, Rep. McGovern might come in to talk. It will also feature light conversations with Levi’s friends, some stand-up comedy and music.

Haunted Hampshire

Haunted Hampshires” explores folklore, hauntings, spooky and any unusual history of New England and the northeast coast.  It highlights some of the unique folklore history of Massachusetts and other northeastern & coastal states.

Open Field

New and old ~ all genre and non genre ~  music from around town and across the world. Also occasional live sets.

Trash Talks

Rock and Roll show with a focus on Punk. Old to new, local to global.

Civic Cipher

Civic Cipher is a weekly radio show/webcast/podcast hosted by Ramses Ja and Q. Ward. This show is dedicated to empowering Black and Brown voices, allowing them to engage directly with their communities as well as the general population. Self-determination is critical to securing a future free of oppressive systems, and Civic Cipher exists to facilitate discussions toward this end. Furthermore, Civic Cipher seeks to inform non-POC allies who may not be privy to these types of discussions and optics. Finally, Civic Cipher seeks to provide long-form conversations in spaces where there is often a lack of significant resources, potent dialogue, or the necessary engagement for facilitating a healthy and productive civil discourse. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @civiccipher