photo credit: Bill Madden
photo Bill Madden

The Basics

Support for community radio and let us thank your business on air! We broadcast locally and globally with live streaming online.

Underwriting is tax deductible!

Contact us at: Underwriting@valleyfreeradio.org


  • Monthly PLUS: $150/month – 10 on-air mentions per week, including Democracy Now! while supplies last
  • Monthly BASIC: $100/month – 10 on-air mentions per week, not including Democracy Now!
  • Per Unique Show: $30/month (1 hour program) or $50/month (2 hour program)On-air mentions during an individual VFR show; that show will thank you on air!
  • Per Mention: $10-15 per mention – Great for events or seasonal business


  • Monthly underwriting spots are distributed between prime, early morning, and night time
  • Monthly underwriting is played throughout the day
  • Underwriting for an individual show will only be aired during that weekly time slot.

The Format

Underwriting is form of donation, and we can thank our donors on air. Because of the nature of community radio, we are regulated differently than commercial radio.

The underwriting format is going to look different. Here’s what you’ll hear:

“Underwriting for [program or “Valley Free Radio”] is provided by [Underwriter], [information about the underwriter], located at [location]. More information is available at [web address/phone].”

Underwriting is not...

  • Political endorsements
  • Calls to action (“sign up for…”)
  • Price information (incl. “free”)
  • Qualitative statements (“excellent support”)
  • Comparative statements (“best around”)


  • We are a low power FM station with a listening radius of about 20 miles around Northampton
  • Our listenership is globally increased by our online streaming.

Sign up or Learn more

Email us at Underwriting@valleyfreeradio.org